Simple Thunderstorm

This is a simple thunderstorm sound loop comprising of persistent rain and a few basic thunderstorm sounds. It's a nice loop for relaxing to because it doesn't contain too many large thunderclaps that might distract you from your sleep, mediation or whatever you happen to be doing while listening.

The sound of the rain on the roof is particularly effective in this recording and creates and 3d audio atmosphere that is particularly pleasing.

Recording Details :

Length : 10 minutes 23 seconds
Thunder Storm Sounds : Simple thunder, Low Distant Thunder claps, Rain

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More Thunderstorm Facts :

  • The person with the honor of the title for "most struck by lightning" goes to former American forest ranger Roy Sullivan from Virgina. Roy has the incredible experience of being struck seven times by lightning between 1942 and 1977 ! Read more about Roy's incredible story here
  • For a current up to date list of USA lightning strikes and fatalities try