Long Thunderstorm Loop in High Quality Stereo

This long thunderstorm loop is perfect for a soothing break. Simply put on your favorite pair of headphones, close your eyes and relax. This loop is popular for use in getting to sleep. If you have trouble sleeping try using this audio recording to relax your mind and clear all thoughts of the day from your head. Use the download button to download the file to your PC and transfer it to your audio player device such as an iPod or your cell phone.

Recording details :

Length : 30 minutes 01 seconds
Thunder Storm Sounds : Rolling Thunder, Thunder claps, Rain

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More Thunderstorm Facts :
  • About 10,000 forest fires are started by lightning each year
  • The sound of thunder is caused by the vibration of particles in the air. As lightening strikes, the exteme heat contained within cause the air around it to expand, vibrating molecules in the air. Sound is all vibration. Thunder is no exception.
  • As lightening forms it dissipates an enormous amount of heat and energy. The temperature of a lightning bolt exceeds a whopping 40,000°F (22,000°C) !