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Welcome to the thunderstorm sounds online project. Here you can listen to and download free high quality loops of thunderstorm field recordings from nature, sound samples and effects.

Thunderstorms are one of the most powerful of all natural phenomena. They can arrive without warning and cause untold damage and devastation. Despite their destructive power, for many people thunderstorms carry an air of mystery and beauty.

The sounds of thunderstorms can provide a soothing, relaxing ambient background atmosphere that can help to relax the mind. As a sleep aid, the best thunderstorm sounds have been used successfully all over the world to assist in sleeping and to help one effectively fall asleep.

thunderstorm over cityWith the advent of the internet we now have instant access to a huge library of free thunderstorm audio instantly at our fingertips through YouTube, nature sound mixers and mp3 archives. There are also a number of continuous thunderstorm sound apps for iPhone and other smart phone devices.

All the of the following recordings have been produced without any background music so as to keep the listening experiencing as close to natural as possible. To begin listening select from one of the options below. We are in the process of growing the collection including more 1 hour recordings and beyond so don't forget to bookmark us and visit again. Happy listening ...

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Why does thunder make sound ?

We are all familiar with the noise of thunderstorms but have you ever wondered where the sound of a thunderstorm is generated from ? The sound is related to the production of lightning. 

Lightning is extremely hot and when it occurs it can heat the surrounding air mass to over 30,000 degrees Celsius ( or 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit ). This incredible heat causes the air mass to expand so rapidly that a shock-wave is generated which results in the crashing sound of thunder we all know so well.

Quick facts about thunderstorms
  • At any one time there are approximately 1900 active thunderstorms in the world with an estimated 16 million produced annually !
  • Most lightening actually strikes away from the rain center.
  • We can see a thunderstorm before we hear it because light travels faster than sound. 
  • The fear of thunder is known as "astraphobia". People who suffer from this condition will feel a degree of anxiety during a thunderstorm despite knowing that that they are safe. The sufferer will often seek reassurance from other people around them that everything will be okay. The condition is heightened when the person in alone during a storm and unable to ask someone for reassurance.
  • Dogs often display high levels of anxiety during thunderstorms. 
  • Thunderstorms typically occur in the late afternoon or at night. During the morning and early afternoon the heat and humidity of the day continues to rise as energy is collected in the storm clouds. This energy reaches its potential in the evening and is released as a thunderstorm.