Thunderstorm with Multiple Thunder Sounds and Rain

Here we have a 15 minutes long thunderstorm loop with multiple thunder sounds including thunder claps and rolling thunder in the distance. This audio loop fades out nicely towards the end to lull your into a peaceful sleep.


Recording details :

Length : 15 minutes 48 seconds
Thunder Storm Sounds : Rolling Thunder, Thunder claps, Rain

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More Interesting Thunderstorm Facts :
  • During thunderstorms it is advisable to not handle any electrical equipment while indoors. TV sets are especially susceptible to conducting a lightening strikes power and should be turned off during sever thunderstorms. 
  • Another major danger in the home is talking on the telephone. Avoid phone use during major storm activity.
  • When outdoor during a thunderstorm, one of the more important interesting thunderstorm facts to remember is that a single tree standing on it's own is more likely to attract a lightning strike than anything else. If you are caught in the woods then try to find an are protected by a low clump of trees. 
  • Lightning can and often does strike in the same place twice.