Thunderstorm over City with Urban Sounds

Here we have a nice city scape thunderstorm with a few urban sounds in the background now and then. Thunderstorm which occur over cities can be a breathtaking site however one must take care when driving in the city at such time and always consult local weather services before planning any trip during a heavy thunderstorm.

Lightening and thunder sounds can be distracting for drivers and may cause them to loose control of their vehicles. Fortunately, long range weather forecast technology is always improving so we can better plan getting out an about and avoid severe , super-cell type thunderstorms. Enjoy this thunderstorm mp3 audio. Simply press the play button to begin listening.

Recording details :

Length : 15 minutes 14 seconds
Thunder Storm Sounds : Rolling Thunder, Thunder claps, Heavy Tropical Rain

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More Thunderstorm Facts :
  • If you can hear thunder, you are within about 10 miles (16 kilometers) of a storm and could possibly be struck by a strike of lightning. Look for cover and avoid situations in which you may be vulnerable.
  • If your hair stands up in a storm, it could be a bad sign that positive charges are rising through you, reaching toward the negatively charged part of the storm. That's not a good sign! Your best bet is to get yourself immediately indoors.